Tourism without barriers

The innovation is the key to form a part of this project.

In OSACC we have a new concept of tourism, believe in the tourism 100% accessible  in places where the vacation leisure is an attraction and to make it easy for all. Our vocation is to have a constant national expansion, in order that increasingly destinations are totally accessible for families, major persons or you present with any type of disability. The innovation is the engine of this project that tries to get rid of the barriers at the moment of enjoying the free time.

Nowadays already one is employed at locations of the north, east and the south of the country. It will be the complex of La Rioja the first one in opening his doors with an absolutely pioneering concept in Spain.

The search of new locations that assemble attractions to shape an offer that the best offers and more recomforting experience to his clients will be OSACC’s constant.









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